10 x 20 dome on a Mahogany base

The Beauty of the Outdoors Inside


       Do  YOU love nature? When you were a child, did you carry pieces of the outdoors inside with you, holding them in bare outstretched hands to show to your parents?  I did, in later years proudly displaying my "finds" in a 'BALL' canning jar.

       In the '80s, when my son was a boy, I began a small business with insects I caught at the park with my hand-made tulle and clothes-hanger butterfly net, selling to the neighbors I ran errands for when I was in my teens.   Later I found an insect provider from New York listed in a magazine who sold by mail order from a one page list of available bugs typewritten on yellow paper. The bases were made for me by a friend of the butterfly provider who recommended him, then shipped across country through the mail. Though the bases were flat and plain, they sufficed to get my little in home business off the ground.    

       I built The Gossamer Wings Butterfly Collection as my way to re-live the joys of early childhood field and wood explorations, having been drawn to nature during an elementary school field trip to our neighborhood park a mere 3 blocks away from my home.  In fact, I still have my two most favorite domed displays from that era - a testament to the fact that I make a very good product.

        Now older and wiser, and married to a wood-worker, I sand and finish the bases he creates for me.  We offer a wide variety of butterflies displayed on wooden bases - protected under glass so they might last through your lifetime to be passed on through the coming generations.


Meet The Artists

Hello! I'm MaryEllen, and my husband is Dan (Dano to friends).

Like many of you, we are part of the OLDER generation called MIDLIN' by my father, when he was our age.

We have an intense love of nature. My interests lie with flowers and winged fauna, my husband's with trees and wood. We have decided to tie the two interests together in a project that we hope will interest you and those…