Mary Ellen In The Garden

Meet The Artists

Hello! I'm MaryEllen, and my husband is Dan (Dano to friends).

Like many of you, we are part of the OLDER generation called MIDLIN' by my father, when he was our age.

We have an intense love of nature. My interests lie with flowers and winged fauna, my husband's with trees and wood. We have decided to tie the two interests together in a project that we hope will interest you and those you know - a collection of the world's most interesting and beautiful butterflies, each preserved in a unique environment laid upon one of a variety of wood bases, then protected under a glass dome, sealing it against affects of the environment.


The photo at the left is MaryEllen working in the countryside to capture some butterflies for upcoming dome designs. She knows no hill too high, or ditch too deep to venture

Dan works on routing the edges of a butterfly dome base. Each base is handcrafted by Dan and is guaranteed.