Butterfly Dome

Were you one of those 8 year olds who darted around in your backyard attempting to maneuver a home-made net tightly held in your hand? The prey, a butterfly, dodged you at will! Your net swung beyond any control; your "catch" always JUST beyond your reach! Your arms bobbed wildly when the net whipped in the wind, and your misses mounted up a LOT faster than you intended!!!!


That breeze had brought the thought to you about your friends catching you at it," and telling others how graceful you were while thrashing about with little luck to revel in LATER. Then in the end, you'd caught NOTHING. Or you held paltry remnants to show your proud parents - but never your peers. No DOUBT you feared THEIR laughter!

Well, that's what we're talking about. MAKING YOUR LIFE BETTER!!

Many of us are are still young boys or girls at heart who dream of chasing those vivid flashes that DO too often stay JUST out of reach. But now we're winded, or don't have the TIME to go play, AND YET we're not NEARLY DONE wishing we could have taken that good, close up look.

If only those little creatures had stayed still!! Not all of us are up for that kind running and chasing anymore.

So, WE'VE dedicated OURSELVES to taking the exhaustion out of it for you. We bring some of your favorite butterflies, and unimaginably beautiful others, NEW TO YOU, into an environment built of actual pieces of nature. Yes, we are crazy about every bit of beauty in nature, as well as uncommon bits, and we put them together in uniquely inventive ways. We agree in the idea that A THING OF BEAUTY IS A JOY FOREVER, and we endeavor to create some beauty for you!!

Most Importantly


My husband, Dan, is the wood-worker, while I, MaryEllen, create the environments that hold the butterflies, and are encased in a glass dome. Now YOU can have a GOOD LONG LOOK at those flashes of color, and reminisce about your childhood moments. And do a lot of thinking about what is wonderful in this world. You'll probably get others interested, too, hopefully children who will want to learn about nature, and grow into great men and women who will protect the environment in lots of important ways! Perhaps you're looking for an uncommon gift. Well, we think we do a fine job providing choices for you. So, press on!! You'll like what we can very reasonably do for you!

Our Depictions of Nature

Each presentation of a butterfly or butterflies, dragonfly, etc. is a part of what we like to call "The Gossamer Wings Butterfly Collection." That's what I called my business when I sold butterflies 30 years ago. It was a great experience then, and is even more special now.

Expect these creations to last a very long time. The ones I kept for myself look the same as the day I made them, by simply keeping them out of direct sunlight, and of course not dropping them.

Every one of our domed creations is hand crafted into its own "environment," combining snip-its of the real outdoors, be it twig, branch, seed, dried flower; shell, or wisp.  Each one invites you to appreciate the innumerable designs, textures and colors, as well as the randomness found in nature. Each one is an opportunity to teach another person about nature's endless beauty. Show your friends how wonderful or dear you think they are; and you needn't say a word.That would be speechless beauty!

This dome is 3" diameter by 4" tall.  The price is usually between $25.00 to $35.00.  A great collection starter.  Click on photos to view in larger size and for more information.