The Perfect Gift

Why Send Butterflies in Place of Fresh Flowers?

Because They Last Years Longer, if You Keep Them Out of the Direct Sunlight!

No feeding or watering required. Just wipe the dome off with a dampened cotton dish towel when necessary, being careful not to drop it, and set it back where it is OUT OF DIRECT SUNLIGHT. See below, (if you do happen to do the worst)

Because They Can Be Heirloom Pieces

Butterfly collections have been handed down through the generations. They are prized for their beauty, sometimes their rarity, as a reminder of a happy memory shared - and many other reasons. We believe that members of the insect world needn't be all splayed out to be important, special, and of intrinsic value. These arrangements can be an important reminder of who you have been in your lifetime, too.

(Did you know butterflies often make thoughtful remembrances when mentioned in a will?) Butterfly collections are often passed down through families. Now THAT'S a gift worth the thought of giving!!!

In most instances they can be used to send the same messages as might accompany flowers, and perhaps a few more!

Messages You Might Use:

  • I'm Missing You
  • I'm Sorry for Your Loss
  • Wish You Were Here
  • Congratulations!
  • Happy Birthday (or other memorable occasion)
  • See You Soon
  • To my Dreamboat
  • Happy Goal Finally Reached Day
  • Weight Loss (Whatever the occasion it might be - or just make something up, for crying out loud!
  • Remember Me, I'm Your Long Lost Brother, Dentist, Girlfriend, You Get the Picture......
  • And don't forget, most importantly...Ta Da: I Really Love You 

Each dome is one of a kind, though you can use the identification listed to help you order a particular butterfly, and if you wish, we could attempt to use the same type vegetation in one built just for you, if you would like us to do so, supplies handy, of course.

Our prices per piece will be listed, and shipping costs will be based on present time US Postal rates, plus the costs of packaging. If you wish a dome to go to a location other than your own, indicate gift wrapping if you would like, requesting colors among those listed below.

A small additional charge will be requested from you for this service based upon your chosen packaging. BELIEVE ME WHEN I SAY, WE DO A FINE JOB OF PRESENTATION!!!

The 4" diameter dome comes in 2 sizes, 4" tall and 7" tall.  Click on photos to view in larger size and for more information.